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Bermuda CableVision will begin a substantial rebuild of its cable system Island-wide, allowing subscribers to experience faster, improved internet – along with many new products and services.


CableVision intends to deploy fibre directly to the home and to increase the company’s infrastructure capacity by 50 times. The system will be more reliable and consumers will notice a substantial reduction in the number of outages, even when Island-wide electricity supplies are out of action. Moreover, the reconfigured network will provide full redundancy throughout the Island when completed.


Terry Roberson, Bermuda CableVision CEO says: “We feel it’s an appropriate time for us to position our company for the future, where we can deliver exceptional services with technology that will be relevant over the next 10 to 15 years.  We also believe this will assist in selling Bermuda as a sophisticated technological centre to the international business community.


“We also look forward to providing new products and services starting in the western end of the Island, just in time for the America’s Cup, which will mainly operate out of Dockyard.”


With the upgrades allowing download speeds up to 900 megs – just short of one gig – and upload speeds of 200 megs, subscribers will be able to, for example, download a movie in just a few minutes. The upgraded network will also support triple-play services (TV, internet, telephone) as well as larger data services for small and large businesses.


Customers will experience minimal disruption during this rebuild, as their quality of service improves and they see new products rolled out over time, including TV Everywhere and IPTV.



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