Government Project

Government Project

The PR Challenge

The brief was to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development for the future of Bermuda. While the Bermuda Government’s Sustainable Development Department had generated a great deal of fanfare when it launched in 2005, there had been very little coverage of this subject in the media in recent years.


  •  Educate the community on what sustainable development means and why it’s important to Bermuda’s future
  • Educate journalists as key influencers about the importance of sustainable development
  • Make sustainable development a high profile government initiative


Key messages were delivered and understood, as was clearly demonstrated when the Omnibus research was repeated at the end of the 2010 PR campaign.

The research showed that the knowledge gap regarding sustainable development was reduced during the course of 2010 (5 per cent fewer respondents associated the term sustainable development as a purely an environmental issue). The fact that more respondents were drawing a connection between the term sustainable development and wide-ranging issues such as affordable housing (17 per cent), workforce issues (6 per cent), energy conservation and renewable energy (7 per cent) was an encouraging sign that the PR programme had been effective in meeting its objective to educate the community on the breadth of the issue of sustainable development.

The research also revealed that headway had been made in making sustainable development a high profile government initiative.

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