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Communications Planning

The success of our work is often the result of good communications planning, along with strategic insight. We will prepare the necessary materials to achieve your communications goal and advise on the best timing for the announcement, press conference, speech or release of bad news into the market in order that the best possible result is achieved against the communications objectives.

We’ll map out a schedule of announcements so that your company remains top of mind amongst the stakeholders with whom it needs to communicate.

We have processes, checklists and understand media schedules so we can get the job done – the right way – the first time.

To check attitudes and opinions, we recommend conducting research amongst your target audience(s) (customers, employees, analysts, investors, Government legislators, news media) on a regular basis.

Once results from the research have been collated and analysed, we will be able to advise if we need to change any of the communication mix in order to meet your objectives.

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