Reach Your Audience Online with Social Media

Social Media for Business

Social media allows two-way communication and it is also a more direct way to communicate with stakeholders. There is so much information available in the world today and people are looking for ways to manage it so that they only receive the information that they want. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow people to pick and choose what groups they join or follow. Mass communication is no longer effective. Companies can capitalise on targeting specific groups that have an interest in their brand or area of business.

Social media also allows companies to communicate with their audiences faster. People are no longer content waiting for a company to issue a press statement or read a letter to the editor in the newspaper in a few days. They want instant communication. It’s an incredible opportunity for companies to reach out to their audience and immediately receive feedback.

PR has always lead in storytelling and content; social media is all about content and conversation. As we are already working with clients on messaging, by integrating a social media programme we are helping clients to take those messages online. Our social media consultants can guide you through social media for business and help you connect with your audience even more.

The Troncossi Public Relations Social Media Programme leads companies in the conversation between consumers, mainstream media, employees, analysts and bloggers.

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