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Troncossi Public Relations to deliver talk on Personal PR

Troncossi Public Relations (Troncossi), Bermuda’s most-established public relations and social media consultancy, today announces that it will deliver a speech on Personal PR on Friday, October 30. The speech is part of a series of talks about how public relations and social media can assist businesses, and now people, in reaching their goals.


This week’s presentation will look at how you can use PR to make yourself stand out from the crowd or manage your reputation. In this session, people will learn how to use the important principles of public relations to best promote yourself. It will also look at how social media can affect a personal brand and therefore your reputation.


Elizabeth Tee, Managing Director at Troncossi Public Relations, says: “While we typically focus on corporate PR, we thought it would be of interest to hold a seminar on personal PR. Media-savvy individuals realise that they can be brands in their own right and can leverage that to the benefit of their business. Personal PR campaigns can put you on the map and build your profile just as any corporate PR campaign can do.”


Kendaree Burgess, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce, says: “Initial interest in the personal PR seminar has been excellent. It is clearly a popular topic and we look forward to hearing from Liz on Friday about how to build a personal PR profile.”


The cost of the seminar is $10 ($20 including lunch) for Chamber members or $40 including lunch for non-members. The presentation takes place from 12-2pm at the Chamber of Commerce on Point Pleasant Road in Hamilton. Businesses interested in signing up for the October 30 speech can register via the Chamber at:


Additional speaking topics include How to use Social Media to Promote Your Business on a date to be determined.

Troncossi Public Relations is Bermuda’s most experienced public relations consultancy. It has been raising company profiles and advising Bermuda’s leading CEOs and organisations for 15 years.


For further information on the speech series, please telephone Elizabeth Tee on 292-5838 or e-mail


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